Ishido Cup 2015

On January 24th and 25th, 2015, the yearly Ishido Cup will once again be held in Utrecht. The Ishido Cup is an open jodo and iaido championship, meaning guests from abroad are more than welcome to join.
Registration and additional information will soon be available through the website of the Dutch Kendo Renmei (
The 2015 edition will once more have miniseminars for both jodo and iaido, which means it will be a two day event.
We are proud to say that we will be receiving a number of sensei from abroad on top of the list of Dutch sensei: we have received word that Chris Mansfield sensei, Takao Momiyama sensei and Fay Goodman sensei will be present during the events. Please note this list is subject to change. The full list of sensei for the events will be presented on the website.
The seminar, championships and examinations for iaido will be on Saturday the 24th; the jodo events will take place on Sunday the 25th.
Gradings up to and including (at least) sandan will take place at the end of each day.


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